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Apart from pursuing mainstream architecture, VISIONS is the only architectural visualization studio in India using cutting edge technology of Virtual Reality (VR) to produce international quality renderings, animation and interactive multimedia presentations of architectural projects.

VISIONS was set up in 1994 as an Architectural Visualization Studio specializing in the creation of 3D Models of Real Estate related projects. As Architects dedicated to the field of Computer Graphics, we firmly believe in the Conservation of Historical Monuments using the available tools available today. One of our first Heritage Projects was the re-creation of the Durg Temple at Aihole, in southern India. This Project was featured in the CD-ROM title "Adobe of the Gods". Not satisfied with traditional Animation techniques we explored the realms of Interactive Walk-thros using Smoothmove based Technology. Our next project an Indian Temple, created with this technology was featured in another CD-ROM title "Karmic Chaos". Currently we are in the process of finishing up the great Moghal City of Fatehpur Sikri using DirectX, which will be a Real Time fully Interactive Walk-thro using Radiosity and Dynamic lighting. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our work:

Why create something on computer when conventional hand-drawn 'perspective' and hand-made 'models' have been doing the job?

Both the above mentioned techniques are quite time and cost consuming and almost a dead-end for future changes. They can never be accurate compared to anything derived from a computer capable to match a fraction of an inch. Models are difficult to store. 'Perspectives' do not lend themselves to be viewed from several angles. Compare this situation to a computer 3D model; which once created allows absolute control over obtaining multiple views from any possible angle. Output in any possible number of copies and enlargements of superior quality.

How does a multimedia presentation help in sales and promotion?

Audio-visuals create a long-lasting impact on the viewer. Impress your client with professionalism. A profile of the company, current and future projects, plans, amenities etc. can be viewed at Housing Expos, in your own office, broadcast advertisements or even in a client's home on a screen connected to a video or a computer. An animation can make one fly-over or walk through a project with sound and special effects. An interactive CD can further offer an experience of actually navigating through the complex with our Virtual Reality (VR) tours.

What is the potential of VISION's abilities?

Our abilities to visualize with the power of CAD adapt to diversity of fields such as architecture, interiors, landscapes, product designs, advertising, desk-top publishing, CD-ROM creation on various topics, multimedia presentations….and much more. We specialize in recreating archaeological and Heritage monuments. Our earlier projects in this direction include an award winning animation of the Durg temple at Aihole, created for a CD-ROM 'Abode of the Gods'; a comprehensive study on south-Indian temples. Another Virtual Reality (VR) of a temple is incorporated in a CD-ROM ' Karmic Chaos'; a detailed study on Hinduism. Our current projects are: 'Resurrection of Fatehpur Sikri' and 'Bombay'.

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